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 "To mnie przerasta" Tokyo 2014
Tokyo 2014

I was born on April 28, 1968 in Częstochowa, where I graduated fromHigh School of Fine Arts (subject: Jewellery). I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art during the years 1988-1996, majoring in Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and PolychromicSculptures). I perfected my artistic skills in painting and drawingunder the guidance of prof. Teresa Pągowskaat the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Warsaw Academy. Soon after mymaster’s defense I moved to Salt Lake City (US) where I joined American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. I have collaborated with Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. At the same time I continued paintings. In 1999 I returned to Poland but in 2001 I left for France where I lived in Brittany, where I was completely pervaded by painting while living in Brittany. Currently I live with my family in Wroclaw (Poland) where in my Art Studio „La Commune de Paris”. I spent most of my everyday time. The studio is open for all sorts of artistic happenings, meetings, but – above everything – it is my place of work.

When I begin my work, touching a clean canvas, I usually don’t know what finally will appear on it. What will be this painting about. I like the most this moment, I feel roughness and clean whiteness. I paint a world that I see and perceive each and every day. I look around, listen, read, and rememeber .This record stays in my head, topics stand in line. When I paint, I pace kilometers. I am gilding, drawing, put varnish or color. Sometimes I strip everything and start from the beginning. Time flies. I listen to the music or silence is the music. Such work is very reclusive. It is a dialogue with thoughts and with the painted canvas. I am fascinated with simplicity of composition and decorativeness of a detail. Everything is a landscape. Human body and still life. I like complex themes, big contents inscribed in simple form, I like to struggle, when every move must be considered. I am intrigued by gentleness, sincere naivety of children, so subtlethat is invisible to a naked eye, expressed in small gestures, in anatomy, in growing up of the bodyand awareness. I impound in a frameelusive feelings like shame, happiness, oralienation. My characters are wordless, static, but they are in relations with themselves, with a spectator, with a surrounding. Ways of watching and feeling can be different, but there is always a first thought, amazement of what we are seeing.